Daniel McCoy



Amazon Echo

I have found the whole thing slightly odd and perplexing, you now have weirdos screaming at their phones in public, asking where’s good for pizza, were no less than 5 years ago you would’ve been sectioned under the mental health act. For the most part it is far quicker to just type what you want into your phone, instead of asking it the same question 4 fucking times for it to maybe understand what...[Read More]



Trekz Titanium

  I am a person who loves gadgets and audio, so much so that I have FOUR pairs of wireless headphones – does anyone really need that many pairs of wireless headphones? Well the answer to that is a firm no! Two can be handy to have, but four is a bit excessive. But how else am I going to tell you lovely people which are the ones that you want to buy, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to...[Read More]