Layers of Fear: Legacy Coming to Switch

Rejoice fans of both horror and Nintendo, for Layers of Fear will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Following on from last year’s announcement where Bloober Team revealed that Layers of Fear would be coming to Switch in 2018, we can now reveal that Layers of Fear: Legacy will debut internationally in quarter one of 2018. The Switch version will include the critically acclaimed “Inheritance” DLC, w...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Like many of the Indie or cancelled horror games of recent years (see Outlast, Amnesia, Silent Hills, SOMA, Penumbra, Layers of Fear, Alison Road etc etc), RE7 has switched to a first person perspective, a move that originally slightly worried me. It seemed like an attempt to take advantage of the cancellation of Silent Hills and given their track record of trying to force Resident Evil in to a st...[Read More]

The Strain: Season 3

The  Strain started as a filler show while I waited on more episodes of Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead, but it bloomed to be more exciting than both of those shows. For the unaware, this is a zombie show but with a Blade 2 twist. We have The Vampire Master with his Nazi co-horts in one corner, and a Holocaust survivor and his band of New Yorkers looking to kick ass and cure the virus in the oth...[Read More]

The Exorcist (TV series)

The  Exorcist TV series is technically more of a sequel to the classic movie rather than a reboot or reimagining and continues the trend of movies being turned into TV shows, 12 Monkeys, Fargo, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Damien (The Omen) and Limitless to name a few. While a lot of these shows turn out well it can be a hit or miss move, as shown by Bad Teacher and School of Rock both having had terrib...[Read More]


Can you Survive the executioner? Slasher follows the story of Sarah Bennett, who moves back to Waterbury, the town she was born and into her family home. Shortly after however, people start to die. “Everyone in this town has a past, not everyone has a future.”