Mantis Burn Racing DLC

A while ago I reviewed Mantis Burn Racing, a top-down racing game brought to us by VooFoo studios (check that review out here). Since then however, VooFoo Studios has released new DLC for Mantis Burn Racing, “Snowbound Pack” and “Elite Class”, well we were lucky enough to get sent a review code for the new DLC and here’s what we thought. Gameplay The Gameplay remains largely unchanged, it’s still ...[Read More]

Mantis Burn Racing

This change of direction really works for them, they’ve designed a fun little racing game featuring various tracks and challenges. Like most racing games you can choose from a selection of cars, but first you must unlock them by completing races or challenges. I liked this aspect of the game, mainly because it felt more satisfying to earn better vehicles rather than have them all available from th...[Read More]