5 Most Badass Women in Video Games Part 2

Badass Women N For Nerds

Today is International Women’s Day, and you know what that means, that’s right, it means I don’t have to come up with an idea for a blog post. But for those of you who aren’t too lazy to do their jobs, International Women’s Day is a day for the celebration of women and all their accomplishments and contributions to the world. But who cares about Margaret Hamilton, the woman who wrote the code that landed man on the moon or Marie Curie the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only one to win it twice, no you’re here for video game women. Here are 5 of the most badass women in video games part 2.


Clementine: The Walking Dead (Season 1)

Granted, Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead is only a little girl, but that doesn’t stop her from being instrumental in the survival of protagonist Lee throughout the game. In fact, the only reason that Lee survives his first encounter with a zombie is because Clementine was able to provide advice and support over a walkie talkie, even managing to bring him a weapon. She is also smart enough to know when to run and hide but can always be relied upon to lend a hand or euthanise a surrogate father figure.

Clementine N for Nerds

(“I’m sure there aren’t any zombies in here.”)


Ciri: The Witcher III

Ciri is the adopted daughter of Geralt of Rivia, and heiress to pretty much everything in sight, and if that wasn’t enough she also has the ability to travel between dimensions and fuck with time. And while it does seem like she is always in another castle, unlike your typical video game princess, Ciri is far from helpless. She doesn’t require constant saving as she is a skilled warrior in her own right, in fact more often than naught it seems that she is the one pulling some hapless villager’s ass out of the fire.Ciri N For Nerds

(“I may be a princess, but I will go medieval on your ass!”)



Tali: Mass Effect

Tali from the Mass Effect series is one of my personal favourite characters in any game, she is a Quarian Machinist (basically a certified genius when it comes to robotics and A.I). She is shy and sweet, cautious with her words and careful not to reveal too much about herself, unless she’s drunk, in which case she never shuts up. She is also handy in a scrap as she will gun down anything in her path and has been known, on occasion, to employ a boot knife to serve up some Quarian justice.Tali N For Nerds

(“Call me fish bowl one more time…”)



Samus Aran: Metroid

Samus Aran is regarded as the first female protagonist in video games, yeah okay, technically there was Ms. Pac-man, but come the fuck on. She was, however, the first to dawn space armour, become an intergalactic bounty hunter and exact revenge against the Space Pirates who killed her parents. Basically, she goes from planet to planet sorting shit out, putting foot to alien ass all while walking away from an explosion without looking back.Samus Explosion N For Nerds

(“Suck it Boba Fett!”)



Morrigan: Dragon Age

If there was ever a female video game character who embodied shear badassedness (yes it’s a word) it’s Morrigan, an all-powerful witch whose intelligence is only matched by her cunning. She is always two moves ahead of everyone else, never fully revealing herself or what she is capable of, allying herself when necessary but always ready with an escape plan. I’ve heard a few complaints, that she is overly sexualised, but I disagree completely, she is never exploited, to Morrigan her sexuality is just another tool at her disposal, she uses her beauty and gender to fool people into thinking she is weak or helpless. A costly mistake to make.Morrigan N For Nerds


Well, those are  5 of the Most Badass Women in Video Games Part 2, can you think of any that should’ve made the list or just disagree? Let us know in the comments below, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re feeling generous feel free to donate to our Patreon, thanks for reading.

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