5 Top LGBT Characters in Video Games

Krem N For Nerds

What with gay pride just around the corner and me being the unimaginative bastard that I am, I thought now would be a good time to look at some of the best LGBT characters in video games.

Now, it would be very easy just to name all the LGBT characters from Bioware games for this blog post, hell, even if I was restricted to the Dragon age games I could fill this list and knock off early for lunch, but I like to think I’m slightly more professional than that, so here are the Top 5 LGBT characters in gaming.


 5. Krem (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Krem is a personal favourite of mine in the Dragon Age universe because of his awesome backstory. Born female but always feeling out of place, he would often pretend to shave with his father to fit in, but when his mother pressured him to marry a young merchant he refused. He would later join the military, bribing the physician to allow him to join as a man, because women had reduced duties. Krem served for years, until a new physician discovered his secret and reported him to the authorities for falsifying military documents. But being the badass he is, he escapes, teams up with The Iron Bull and has been kicking ass ever since! The Reason Krem makes the cut is because his story is so sincere, from his past where he never truly fit in, to his present where he has found a home and a family with the chargers, a family that excepts him for who he is.


 4. Sam (Gone Home)

I was a bit late to the gone home party as I only played the game about two weeks ago, and while usually it’s not the type of game I play I found the story engrossing, and that was due in no small part to the character of Sam. Now, you don’t play as Sam and you never meet Sam, but you form a deep connection with her none the less, as you progress through the game her story unfolds. Sam is a typical teenager, going through the normal teenager issues, acne, finals and the soul crushing weight of being gay in the 90’s in bumble fuck America! The reason Sam is such a great character is because of how her story is revealed to the player. Through her writing you learn about her blossoming romance with her only school friend, how her life has changed for the better, how her horizons expanded because she has met Lonnie and just how happy she is despite the adversity she faces. I found myself empathising with Sam despite having never been introduced to the character, I just wanted her to get a happy ending damn it!

Sam N For Nerds

 (She can’t take a good picture to save her life though!)


 3. Dorian (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Yes, I know it’s another Dragon Age character but shut up he’s awesome. Dorian is one of my favourite video game characters, not just because he is hilarious (there’s always a dick joke right around the corner with this guy) and not just because he has that amazing facial hair, but because despite his outward fervour, he is a flawed and scared person, like what us normal humans can relate to.  It is revealed to the player through conversations with Dorian that he had a falling out with his family due to his sexuality, and it was one of the reasons he joined your group, because “no one belongs here”. Fuck sakes Dragon Age I don’t need to feel these feelings, I just want to smack dragons in the chops with my long sword………..wait, that came out wrong.

Dorian N For Nerds

(i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you)


 2. Tracer (Overwatch)

You remember Tracer, that British girl that had her ass out on the cover of the Overwatch box, until one person complained. What do you have against asses’ random jerk? If it had’ve been up to me I would have stuck McCree on it alongside her in a banana hammock, that way everyone’s happy. Anyway, Tracer was once an ace pilot until she was attack by an unforeseen plot device, however most days she just kills legions of her fellow man and occasionally manipulates space and time (just in her spare time obviously). She’s funny and cute but would have no problem putting a time traveling foot up your arse, then run off giggling while calling you a tosser.

Tracer N For Nerds

(I will Marty McFly your ass!!)


 1. You (Lots of Games)

No this is not a school yard joke, I mean it, there are so many wonderful games that allow you to create a video game persona, enter that world and rodger anything that crosses your path! Mass Effect, Dragon age, Fallout 4 (to name but a few) all allow you to date whoever you like, man, woman or Iron Bull, the world is your sexy oyster.

Fallout 4 N For Nerds

(Come on Dogmeat, let’s go get some ass!)


Well that’s our list of 5 Top LGBT Characters in Video Games, think we missed any or just disagree, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our Let’s Play series and if you feel like supporting us you can donate to our Patreon.




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