5 Reasons Superman is The Greatest Hero

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I take a lot of crap for how much I love Superman, from friends, family, co-workers and that priest I got into a fist fight with because he wouldn’t admit that “Comet” (the time traveling super horse) was awesome! But it’s just that they don’t understand how truly awesome he is, and since I have a website and an ego problem I am going to gush about “The Man of Tomorrow” for a while. Here are 5 reasons Superman is The Greatest Hero.

Comet N For Nerds

(Tell me that’s not awesome!)

 5. He’s Not Just Muscle.

I often hear people incorrectly point out that “oh, well if you took his powers away he wouldn’t be a hero”, well besides the fact that you could say that about most superheroes (bar Batman), it’s not true. It’s true superman can punch bad guys into space, however he has resolved many problems simply by talking to people. In All Star Superman a young woman is suicidal and standing on top of a building, she thinks her psychiatrist has abandoned her, she had lost hope, but Superman talked to her and held her. He could have grabbed her and flew her to safety but he knew she needed to be saved a different way, the films have yet to show this side to Superman and I feel it removes a huge part of his character.All Star N For Nerds


 4. He Flew A God Into Space

In the Smallville comics, Hades shows up and decides it’s time to be a dick, he engineers a scenario where the only way he can be sent back to hell is if Superman kills a human, or let him live and (in Hades’ words) “Ensure my endless reign”, what does Superman do? He grabs him, flies him into space and tells him “I can do this whenever I want and you can’t do shit to stop me” while technically Hades would still be in our reality, he would be stuck in the vacuum of space, unable to affect anything. Hades is so scared of Superman he decides hell would be the better option rather than tangle with this mad bastard.

Smallvill 11 N For Nerds

(Let’s see Batman do this!)

 3. He Once Wielded Mjolnir

It’s not just the DC universe that Superman kicks all kinds of ass in, in the JLA/Avengers cross over The Last Son of Krypton was able to wield the god of thunder’s hammer Mjolnir in combat, giving him a major power boost and the ability to smack some alien mother fuckers upside the head.

supes worthy N For Nerds

(Did I forget to mention he also used Captain America’s sheild?)


 2. He Beat The Piss Out of Darksied

The DC animated universe is where a lot of great stories and characters have been created, one such story was in the Justice League TV show, when Darksied landed on earth and decided that the current leaders weren’t up to snuff and he was going to take over. The JLA take him on and are scattered, but Superman realises that Darksied will require his full strength, he taunts Darksied, telling him how he must take constant care, because if he makes a mistake he could kill someone, how he lives in “a world made of cardboard”, but he won’t have that problem with him. Superman proceeds to beat his ass like he caught him shagging his daughter, and punches him so hard the ground shakes, honestly, it’s worth watching the clip.



 1. He is a True Hero.

Superman may have lost his birth family and, well, species and planet, when Krypton was destroyed, but that didn’t turn him into a mopey, angsty dick. He grew up with a loving adoptive family that were never murdered in front of him or killed by gang members so he isn’t motivated by revenge or grief to be a hero. Simply put, he is just born with a desire to do good, he was born with godlike powers, he could rule the world if he wanted, but he’d rather spend his life saving people and getting kittens down from trees.


Well that’s our list of 5 Reasons Superman is The Greatest Hero, think we missed any or just disagree, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our Let’s Play series and if you feel like supporting us you can donate to our Patreon.

Typical nerd. Love comic books, video games and movies. My all-time favourite video games are the Final Fantasy series, my favourite Superhero is Superman but I prefer Marvel Comics. Controversial? I don't care!

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