5 Video Game Sequels That Surpassed The Original

AC 2 N For Nerds

For the most part sequels are nothing more than hastily knocked together shite, made so that developers can make enough money to fill their golden yachts with so much cocaine that it would bring down Amy Winehouse’s Ghost. But every now and then the planets will align and we get a sequel that is not only good, but actually surpasses its predecessor, so with that in mind here are 5 Video Game sequels that surpassed the original.

 5. Watch Dogs 2

The first Watch Dogs was about a grim faced, gravel voiced avenger, who was so awful that the developers decided to drop him from the bill, and replace him with a colourful gang of early 20’s hackers who misuse memes and shoot pedestrians for fun. Watch Dogs 2 was, simply put, more fun, it was bright, vibrant and had just enough plot to keep you invested but not so much that it got in the way of vehicular mayhem. Aiden Pearce? Aiden Piss Off!Watch Dogs Group N For Nerds

(The kids really are the future)

 4. Assassins Creed 2

Cast your mind back to 2009, the pound was strong, America didn’t have a character from fraggle rock as a president, and Ubisoft hadn’t released so many Assassins Creed games, you could wallpaper your house with all the booklets. Yes, we only had the original Assassins Creed, set in the Holy Land during the crusades, and which was as much fun as a kick to the bollocks with golf shoes. But then came Assassins Creed 2, with tighter combat, better scenery to leap from, more ways to kill priests and less death bed exposition. Not only that, but Ezio is better defined, has more personality and is more fun than Altair (the gloomy bastard).AC B N For Nerds

(Oh My God, Shut Up! I stabbed you, just die!)

 3. Final Fantasy VII

Okay, I realise that technically this isn’t a direct sequel, but it’s my list so kiss my arse, Final Fantasy has always been a massive name in the video game world and each of them have enjoyed their own success, but Final Fantasy 7 blew them all out of the water. It was the first to have 3D animation and a full musical score, it also had an amazing story and some of the most iconic characters in video games, it has surpassed not just those that have come before, but also any since. Barret N For Nerds

(yeah, I said it, what?)

 2. Mass Effect 2

I know what you’re thinking, “Gerard, the original Mass Effect was amazing, its story was awesome and so were the characters”. All true, however the combat system was a pile of fucked sand, that was so bad you could be killed because the game glitched you into line of fire, (not to mention the mako sections can fuck right off). But then along came Mass Effect 2, that continued the awesome narrative, introduced some amazing new characters and also had tighter cover based combat, with AI partners whose parents weren’t related.

Mass Effect N For Nerds

(Also you can now punch people mid-sentence)

 1. The Witcher 3

I never played the original Witcher game, because when it came out it was only on pc, and was about as welcoming as a toilet brush to a urethra, then along came the sequel which, while slightly more manageable and being released on consoles was still as dense as a cement smoothie. But then heavens opened, the angels sang and CD Projekt Red sat us all down and said “all right fuck face this is the combat, this is the plot and see that prick in the crown? You don’t like him”. The Witcher 3 has it all, amazing story, memorable well-written characters, and it’s set in a fantastical world that you will revisit time and time again.Roach N For Nerds

(Okay, the horse was useless.)

Well that’s our list of  5 Video Game sequels that surpassed the original, think we missed any or just disagree, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our Let’s Play series.

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