4 Comics You Should be Reading

Shocker N For Nerds

Every now and then there comes along a comic book that sticks with you, be it because of the story and characters, the great art work or maybe because of all the swears and violence. Whatever your reason for enjoying it, you love it and therefore you feel compelled to make sure as many people as possible give it a chance, and since I have access to a website…. hello “as many people as possible”!

Thor: The God Butcher

Thor The God Butcher N For Nerds

This is one of my favourite ever Thor tales and a great introduction for anyone interested in learning more about the God of Thunder, The God Butcher is about Thor dealing with one of the most terrifying threats across his lifetime, a serial killer who preys on Gods.  It splits the story nicely in three, starting of with young Thor from the days of Viking pillaging and drinking oceans, to the modern Avengers Thor, and finally finishing up as King Thor from the future.  There is a lot to love here whether it’s the beautiful artwork, the enthralling writing, the world building, hell, the fight scenes alone are worth the price of admission. And as I said earlier, it is a great place to start if you want to get into modern Thor, as the same writer and artist stay on for a few years after.

Great for people

  • Who like high fantasy, Science fiction or Murder Mysteries
  • Who love great action and epic, galactic scale stories
  • Perfect for people who just watched the movies and want more Thor

Bad for people

  • Who want more jokes like the most recent film this is a more serious tale and not a lot of laughs.


The Clean Room

The Clean Room N For Nerds

The Clean Room is about a journalist named Chloe Pierce, who’s life is irrevocably shattered after her fiancé Philip, blows his brains out after reading a strange book. Chloe, needing closure, seeks out Astrid Mueller, author of the mysterious book in question, with the hope that the enigmatic author can give her the answers she so desperately craves. To reveal anything else would be criminal as this is best enjoyed spoiler free.

This was a comic that seriously creeped me out for a long time after finishing it, now, I’m a huge horror fan, I watch a lot of horror movies and play a lot of horror themed video games, but this comic book is on a whole other level of creepy. There were actually one or two instances where I had to stop reading part-way through, and genuinely didn’t come back for a few days because I was so disturbed (in a good way of course). However, once you get past the shocks and creepiness, there is some real depth to the story, it has great twists and turns, with plot developments that keep it entertaining and enticing over its 18-issue run.

People who would love this

  • Horror fans obviously
  • Stephen King fans

Bad for people

  • Easily creeped out
  • Low patience you gotta set the mood for a comic like this and get through a few issues to really get into it.
  • This is really not for kids I can’t stress that enough lots of nudity and gore


Superman: American Alien 

Superman American Alien N For Nerds

I have been a huge Superman fan ever since I was a kid, running around the house with a red Tea towel shoved down the back of my t-shirt pretending it was a cape, the first comic I ever read was Superman, my current fashion style is basically how many superman themed items can I wear without looking ridiculous.

I love the character but always found it hard to give anyone a single story to read that doesn’t need about half an hour to explain or a pre-existing understanding of the character, that is of course until this came out. Superman: American Alien chronicles the life of Clark Kent and his journey to becoming the Man of Steel, it’s a story told with a modern twist and a lot of heart. It’s also happens to be the geekiest Clark Kent yet and you can’t help but love him.


People who would love this

  • DC comics fans looking to try something outside of Batman
  • Pretty much anyone with a pulse
  • Smallville fans

People who wouldn’t like this

  • Hardcore Batman fans Superman treats Batman like a bitch in a fight and steals his cape for fun.
  • Fans of comic continuity this is its own thing and doesn’t fit with other superman stories just merely an intro the character.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man N For Nerds

I am not really a Spiderman comic fan, I mean I love the character, the movies, various cartoons etc, but never religiously read the comics. But I do love his Villains and was curious to see what was so special in this “Superior“run after hearing about it so often from friends and colleagues, (plus the internet won’t shut up about it).  As it turns out, its one of the funniest comic series’ I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Spiderman Foe N For Nerds

Set during a weird time in marvel comics when Doc Oc has taken over control of Spider Man’s body and is acting as a more brutal but efficient vigilante, the villains believe it’s safer to work as a team. We have Boomerang, a C-lister starting a new Sinister Six team of five members, this is so they have more of a cut between them and also to fool people into thinking there’s a sixth member out there. It goes into each character’s origin briefly, usually to set up a joke for later. And then of course there is an overarching plot line about a painting of Dr Doom, that could be worth billions, I assume because it’s a naked portrait like in the Titanic.

Who would love this

  • Breaking bad fans
  • Arrested Development fans pretty much anyone who can laugh

Who is this not for?

  • People expecting Suicide Squad this is not that kind of group and its very loose on the seriousness of the situations they’re in.


Well, those are a few Comics You May Have Missed, can you think of any that should’ve made the list or just disagree? Let us know in the comments below, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re feeling generous feel free to donate to our Patreon, thanks for reading.

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