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We all have our comfort zones when it comes to the things we love, be it video games, movies or comic books, but sometimes it’s good to venture outside that zone to experience new things, or the far more likely scenario, have a friend do it for you and recommend something. Well consider me that friend, here are a few comic books you should give a go!

The Creep

A sombre classic detective noir tale of regret, shame and being unable to move on from tragedy. The Creep is well paced and with a constant feeling of dread throughout leading to the reveal. Very well written and well-drawn, and despite having read it weeks ago the story has stayed with me.

the_creep N For Nerds
(A face only a mother could love, but she doesn’t)

Who would like this: People who enjoy mysteries, classic detective fiction, in other words it’s aimed at people who like; The Following, True Detective, Luthor and BBC’s Sherlock.

Who wouldn’t like this: if you are looking for something action packed then you can sod off back to Marvel, this is not for you. The Creep deals with very difficult themes and can feel a bit heavy at times, so if you’re looking a pick me up to make me feel better about your day this is not the book for you.


Also known as the best superhero comic in the universe! And from my experience with the series over the 138 issues released thus far, it’s hard to deny that’s statement. Invincible to me, is like this perfect meld of Dragon Ball Z, Superboy and Game of Thrones. For the fight fans, it’s got incredibly visceral combat, with an impressively kinetic art style that just flows spectacularly across each page. For the Superhero fans, the heart is there, accompanied by all the classic tropes, and topped off with some winks and nods to DC and Marvel.

Invincible N For Nerds

(Justice is it’s own reward, that and cash!)

Finally, just to be clear this is not a kid’s comic at all. Death is ever present and it can happen to anyone, this is the series that left me heart broken and severely disturbed by one set of deaths in particular. It can also be incredibly gory at times, people lose eyes and jaws in combat and fists regularly go through characters chests, like a dose of the herps through a college frat house.

Who would like this: Comic book aficionados, anime fans, anyone who likes great fights and great writing or, and I’ll just say it, anyone with eyes and a working brain!

Who wouldn’t like this: Children, the easily offended and people who have had a fist currently punched throw their chest.


Green Arrow: Rebirth

The emerald archer was relaunched in June 2016 alongside the rest of the DC chain, earning fan fair and huge sales for DC comics, since then Percy has maintained a great run that continues to this day. Each arc has been a home run, a slam-dunk and a……foot…ball (I don’t know), bringing classic characters back into the fold, adding some new ones for good measure, and sprinkling in a few excellent twists along the way.Green Arrow - Rebirth N For Nerds

(Let’s see Steve Amell pull off this beard!)

This is the Green Arrow you think of when you want to read his comics, the art work is gorgeous and very vibrant, blending seamlessly with the story, you can feel a natural flow between the writer and art team. It’s a welcome return to form for Green Arrow, more robin hood than Batman knock off, and there’s a lot more fun going on here than over in Gotham.

Who would like this: Archers, left wing politicians, Bearded men and women and couples who like to read about a badass crime fighting duo.

Who wouldn’t like this: Yellow Lanterns, Donald Trump


Shirtless Bear Fighter

I am a simple man with simple needs such as steak, whisky and Ron Swanson quotes, but every now and then destiny surprises me with something I never knew how much I needed it until I received it. Shirtless Bear Fighter is one of those surprises, it’s a straight forward tale of a freakishly strong man fighting off Bear- orists, that’s Bear Terrorists, (don’t think too much about that name, the writers certainly didn’t) in the style of the 80’s action movies like Rambo or Commando.Bear Punch N For Nerds

(The picture says it all really)

But despite the ridiculous concept, it is just, simply put, awesome, the two issues released so far have had me in absolute stitches and the bear based puns come thick and fast alongside the other clever jokes. It’s an excellent diversion from the usual serious comic stuff I read, and something I look forward to seeing more of.

Who would like this: People who like Shirtless Men or People with a sense of humour.

Who wouldn’t like this: Bears, I tried reading this to some polar bears the other day it did not go over well they were yelling, I was yelling and then I realised that we could Bearly understand each other.

Well those are our recommendations, if you can think of any to recommend or just disagree, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our Let’s Play series and if you feel like supporting us you can donate to our Patreon.

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