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Layers of Fear N For Nerds

Rejoice fans of both horror and Nintendo, for Layers of Fear will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Following on from last year’s announcement where Bloober Team revealed that Layers of Fear would be coming to Switch in 2018, we can now reveal that Layers of Fear: Legacy will debut internationally in quarter one of 2018. The Switch version will include the critically acclaimed “Inheritance” DLC, which provides a new look on the story from the perspective of a new player character. With a release date closing in, Switch players can brace themselves for one of the most immersive (not to mention pants soaking) experiences of 2018.

Bloober Team N For Nerds

“We focus on psychological horror games unlike any other on the market: telling unconventional stories, focusing on the game experience and dark atmosphere”. Bloober Team


Layers of Fear: Legacy will be a Nintendo Switch-exclusive first-person psychological horror game, which will allow the player to take control of an insane painter bent on finishing his magnum opus. Layers of Fear: Legacy will focus on the exploration of a mercurial environment of an atmospheric Victorian-era mansion and discovering the secret of the mental illness that has befallen the main character. As the artists delusions manifest in progressively unnerving forms, the player is forced to face one of the most immersive and frightening experiences in the history of horror games.LOF Destroyed Team N For Nerds

Given the fantastic reviews the PC and console versions have already gotten I am all but certain that the Switch version will hold its own, and it would certainly be interesting to see how, if at all, the devs incorporate any of the Switch’s functions into gameplay. Either way, this is one release that I will be eagerly anticipating.

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