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The Greatest Showman N For Nerds

You know sometimes the immense crapiness of the world can get you down, the energy crisis, racism and Boris Johnson being elected Prime Minister (shudders). But every now and then something comes along to remind us that people aren’t so bad and that things could be worse, No Donald that wasn’t a challenge, go back to your colouring.

I am of course talking about our altruistic friends at the Movie House who are holding a free event for Cinema Day. The exclusive event will take place on the 26th August and will be (drum roll please) a special screening of the hit musical, The Greatest Showman! Movie House Cityside, Glengormley, Maghera and Coleraine will all be participating in this fantastic experience, with the intention of bringing people closer together through the magic of cinema.

“Cinema Day celebrates the diversity and scope of film exhibition across Northern Ireland and Movie House has been a part of the local community for more than two decades”.


In lieu of an admission charge Movie House Cinema humbly asks that people donate money on the day to “Cash for Kids NI” who are supporting the event. So not only is it a free movie screening but you also get a chance to help children across Northern Ireland, what’s not to love?Cash For Kids N For Nerds


The event will kick off at 10am with a host of fun activities, perfect for kids; this includes cheek painting and circus-themed arts & crafts. And if you intend on attending the Cityside, Maghera and Coleraine showings, there will also be games. But worry not, Glengormley attendees will have cheek painting and balloon modelling by Squiggles and Giggles (God I hope those are clowns), all culminating in the free screening.Family at Cinema N For Nerds


Tickets aren’t available online but you can collect tickets at the cinema box office now on a first come, first served basis. Seats are limited, so early ticket collection is advised.

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