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Well E3 is winding down and the major Consoles have all had their day in the sun and we gamers now know what we have to look forward to for the next few years, or perhaps longer if Square-Enix decide to push back Kingdom Hearts 3….again. In any case, Sony have showed us what they have instore for us and for the most part it’s a host of great games, and whatever that thing Hideo Kojima is making.



The Last of Us: Part II 

Sony kicked things off with a banjo solo so we all knew right off the bat where this was going, The Last of Us Part 2. I’m sure it didn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, but that didn’t make the trailer any less impactful. The seamless transition from cut scene to gameplay was amazing, showcasing the beautiful animation and the wonderful gameplay footage. No release date yet but this is one PS4 exclusive I can’t wait to play.



Ghost of Tsushima

From banjos to flutes, Sony seems to be really enjoying their live instrumentals. To be honest this one is news to me, but from what I have seen in the trailer it looks to be a game worth keeping an eye on. Set during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, Ghost of Tsushima is an open world, action-adventure stealth em-up currently in development. From what we see in the trailer Ghost of Tsushima promises to be action packed katana mayhem.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Showing off some more gameplay and introducing Pirates of the Caribbean, as one of the Worlds for Sora and Co to explore, Kingdom Hearts 3 is looking better and better. Disappointingly there is still no release date scheduled.



Marvel’s Spider-Man is another Sony exclusive that is looking incredible. It appears Insomniac Games have taken a few combat queues from Batman: Arkham Asylum but have added their own brand of aerial flair to the proceedings. Not to mention the amazing web-slinging that looks both exciting and fun.  Set for release in September 2018.



Resident Evil 2

Hold on to your hats horror fans, because Capcom have finally announced a release date for their Resident Evil 2 remake.  Mark January 25th on your calendars and practice your sick voice for your boss, because it’s time to return to Racoon City!


Devil May Cry 5

I’m sure I’m not the only Devil May Cry alum that was excited by this reveal. Given how divisive DMC: Devil May Cry was, many of us didn’t think we’d get a new Devil May Cry, never mind a direct sequel to the original series. But here it is, in all its camp, ridiculous glory and with a spring 2019 release date no less.



Death Stranding

I’m a huge Metal Gear fan, but I’ll be the first to admit that from the moment this game was announced I gave less of a shite than a tight fisted fertilizer hoarder.  Hideo Kojima seems to have this idea that weirdness is enough to make a game good. In fact if you take the Metal Gear series, we can chart his progression from good games with some fun suspension of disbelief to complete bat shit nonsense. And this trailer does little to dissuade that idea, while there is a little gameplay; there is still no clear indicator of what the fuck is going on.



Well, those are some of the PlayStation E3 reveals that have us excited. Are there any others you can’t wait for? Let us know in the comments below, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re feeling generous feel free to donate to our Patreon, thanks for reading.

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