Into the Unknown: Part 2 Out of The Frying Pan

Kevin and Crangle N For Nerds

Welcome to part deux of the Kevin and Crangle’s adventure blog series, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the happenings so far check out part one.

We begin this chapter with a more cautious approach than before, to begin we have concealed our weapons and blended in to our surroundings like a fart in the wind.  I parachute from the plane and make my way to the old abandoned hospital where I am to meet up with my faithful companion, Kevin.  We gear up and preform a quick sweep of our surroundings, finding a shotgun and assault rifle to aid in our quest for the illusive chicken dinner.

We also happen upon some medical supplies in the form of a first-aid kit and some pain killers, taking a moment to compose our-selves and scan for any other enemies in the immediate area, we proceed to the next zone with silent intent.Crangle N For Nerds

(“War is hell..”)

Our travels however are fraught with danger, no sooner had we set off before we encountered another hunter, prowling the wasteland looking to turn people’s inside outside and claim the illustrious chicken dinner for himself.  We lay motionless in the grass and let the hunter pass, its times like this I feel grateful for Kevin’s training in the non-stick services (NSS) we moved on undeterred and undetected.  In the distance we see the town of Mylta, a rough place where gun fights are common, and terror is an old friend. With the second zone fast approaching we make haste and as luck would have it we stumble upon a motorbike.Motorcycle N For Nerds

Mounting the iron steed, we set off, the zone closing in, nipping at our heels like the hounds of hell, Kevin looks at me and gives the signal.  My foot hits the boost and we tear across blood stained fields, straight as the crow flies, I dare not let up now.  As we speed along with the power of a locomotive I hear bullets ricocheting off our bike, and as they become more and more frequent we seek cover in a small community just shy of Mylta.

We seek refuge in a house in the centre of the abandoned suburb, we breathe heavily, our blood pumping and our adrenaline coursing, we take a few minutes to compose ourselves and let the heat die down.  As I turn to Kevin to discuss our next move, our thoughts are drowned out by the sound of footsteps coming from above.  It seems this house has more than one visitor today.PUBG Stairs N For Nerds

Cautiously we approach the main room of the bottom floor, slowly we move up the stairs, our guard firmly up, the tension bearing down on us like the weight of the world. Along the hallway we move, the footsteps getting louder……BOOM!! The door explodes past us in pieces, I run in full steam with Kevin by my side, the room filled with the sound of death. My inner savage breaks free and the bullets fly in all directions, pieces of furniture scatter and hunters blood paints the walls! With victory within my grasp I allow myself a moments hope, and then it hits me, I have no ammo left. As the hunter closes in, I resign myself to my fate, but just as I was getting ready to curse his name Kevin lunges at the hunter with steely determination. The sound of metal on bone fills the air, the sound of survival reverberates around the room, the sound of victory.Kevin N For Nerds

(“I love the smell of savage beatings in the morning!”)

The hunter falls to the floor his journey has ended, his soul at rest and his hunting days finished.  I turn to check on Kevin, and to my horror find him laying against the wall, his body broken but his spirit unbound. I patch my friend up and we take a moment to breathe, but zone 4 is closing in and we have little time and no ammo, but we must Press on…


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