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So, who are these Nerds?


N For Nerds is a website dedicated to Movies, Video Games, TV, Comics and Books. We aim to offer an opinion on these by way of an honest review, no matter how good or bad!

We are an honest group of people that believe in getting what we pay for. That’s why we have set up N for Nerds, to give an impartial outlook on Movies, Games etc. before you have put your hand in your pocket.


Video Games 95%
Movies 95%
Comics 98%
Streaming 98%

Meet The Nerds

Retro Guy (CEO), Graphic Designer

Marty is not your average ‘Nerd’ per se. He plays Rugby, loves a good Steak over a packet of Doritos and enjoys a nice pint of Guinness. Standing at 6″2 inches tall and weighing in at roughly 16 Stone, he doesn’t befit your typical ‘Nerd’. Alas, the minute you mention the Broken Sword series, you will unleash a serious Nerd!

I’m not hungry but I could eat!

Gamer Guy (CEO), Negotiator

Gerard is pretty much a typical nerd. He loves comic books, video games and movies. His all-time favourite video games are the Final Fantasy series, his favourite Superhero is Superman but he prefers Marvel Comics and he will talk day and night about supernatural. He is also a passable guitar player.

“Ozzy Rules!”

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