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It’s finally here, the Wolverine movie we have been promised by Hollywood twice before, but instead were fed a shit movie with a crap Deadpool and a mediocre movie with samurais.

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So I have just gotten back from seeing Logan and I am putting it out there right now, this one may actually be the best X-men movie never mind wolverine movie. Now, the movie isn’t in the cinemas at time of writing and I know I would be pissed if someone spoiled any of it for me, so rest assured there will be no spoilers here. Other than it’s awesome.Logan's_Middle_Claw N For Nerds

(Fuck Spoilers!)


The plot is set in the year 2029, and there are only a handful of mutants left, Wolverine being one of them, because not only does he have an amazing healing factor, he also has massive adamantium balls! While working to save money for a boat he is contacted by a woman who wants him to help get her and a child across the Canadian border, he later finds out that the child is like him, same healing factor and same adamantium claws. So Logan takes the job and does what he does best, kill’s any sons of bitches in his path. Okay if I talk any more we’ll end up in spoiler territory.


What I liked

Where to start really, it seems that the writers have finally understood that removing wolverine from his element (being a raging berserker!) only leaves you with a shallow imitation. Wolverine was great in the x-men movies because he was kind of a murdering dick (FYI, that’s why I love him) but in his two previous stand alones, he was toned down and made kid friendly. So it’s nice to see him in an R rated movie, were he can kill, curse and kick ass! But don’t think this is just another action based superhero movies, this is one of the most well told stories ever, and it has well written and well-acted characters.

Hugh Jackman was simply amazing, it’s easy to forget what an awesome actor he is when he does the x-men movies, but in Logan he reminds us. He plays the role of broken and tired cowboy really well; Jackman brings that across in his performance by the way he moves, a little bit slower, not as quick on the draw and just tired of fighting.

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(Not to old to kick you in the dick)

And of course it goes without saying that Patrick Stewart’s performance was superb, he played the role of an elderly Charles Xavier perfectly. It was genuinely heart-breaking to watch him struggle with basic tasks and rely so heavily on Logan. 

I would also like to make mention of Dafne Keen who played the role of Laura (X-23) so well, it is rare for someone so young to deliver such a great performance, particularly in the role of mini murderer. But Keen was awesome, I felt truly invested in the story and that was due in no small part to Keen.

The next thing on my fanboy list of reasons Logan was awesome is the fight scenes, they were both familiar and they felt brand new. I feel the new came from how they had to change up Wolverine’s fighting style, because he is now older and battle worn, but the familiar comes later when Laura is introduced, as she fights similarly to Wolverine in his prime.

Laura N For Nerds

(Tiny, but terrifying)

Lastly, the story, the story really is (I feel) the best X-men movie and one of the best overall superhero stories to come out. It is well written, it doesn’t go into unnecessary back story about the characters, none of the them feel under used and they don’t over stay their welcome. At no point did I ask myself were this was going or why did they show us this, everything got just enough attention and screen time.

What I disliked

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Honestly, I cannot recommend this movie highly enough, they have taken a well written comic book story and they have truly made it their own and in my opinion they have improved on the source material. A fantastic story, that is full of action packed scenes, some genuinely emotional moments that will have you on the verge of tears, but it still finds time to be funny, it isn’t dower or depressing (I’m looking at you Batman V Superman). Get to your nearest cinema the day of release!


  • Amazing Story
  • Great Acting
  • Interesting Characters


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