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The Lego Batman Movie

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The Lego Batman Movie
lego batman N For Nerds

The Lego Batman Movie is finally here, but will it live up to its predecessors huge success? Or will it be a cheap cash grab, made to sell us superhero Legos? Let's find out.

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I’ve just gotten back from seeing The Lego Batman movie and I have to say I really enjoyed the movie. As a long time Batman fan and Lego aficionado I was worried that this would be just a quick cash grab in the wake of the unprecedented success of the original Lego movie, but while it did make some nods to its predecessor it remains entirely its own thing.

The Plot

The plot is the standard Batman movie plot, The joker is being an asshole and trying to destroy Gotham with the help of his psychotic, yet highly marketable villain friends, and it’s up to Gotham’s Caped Crusader to stop him with a fist full of justice…….and flying knives. After his initial capture, The joker hatches a scheme to destroy the Dark Knight once and for all and Batman must turn to, not the justice league as you would rightly assume (despite the fact they’re in the movie and of much more use) but a newly adopted and untrained Robin, his geriatric butler and Barbra Gordon, who, while still a well-trained and season police officer, is..not..fucking..Superman! But hey this is a kid’s movie, not the killing joke (don’t get me start on that shambles of a movie).

(He’s right, that movie totally sucked)

What I liked

What’s not to like, its Lego meets batman, with some of the best actors in the field who all deliver a fantastic vocal performance. But I wouldn’t be the professional (shut up I am!) reviewer I am if I didn’t go into detail. First off the animation in this movie was amazing; in my opinion it surpasses the original Lego movie, the use of water and lava was awesome. As I said the voice work was great, Will Arnett delivers the same great performance he gave us before, I can’t imagine it was easy to be the funny batman ( and no I don’t count Adam West, it wasn’t funny, it was sad) and have to have that come across solely in vocals. Also (and believe me, I am as shocked as you are) but I loved Zach Galifianakis as the voice of The Joker, he was funny but still genuinely menacing, in a PG kind of way, but again it’s a kid’s movie.Lego joker N For NerdsLego joker N For Nerds

(Your lucky this is a kids movie or I’d beat you with a crowbar)

The movie was also really funny, it was fun and entertaining for all the audience but there were enough jokes aimed at adults to keep them laughing from start to finish, like the shark repellent bat spray, god knows that wasn’t for the 10 and under crowd.


There were very few real issues with the movie, as a kids movie 10/10, on the whole though, I would have to complain about the fact that the two new sidekicks, Batgirl and Robin, seem weirdly upset that this notorious loner, vigilante didn’t completely change who he is at his core, to braid hair and bake cookies with them, and yes ladies and gentlemen that is the pettiest niggle I have ever indulged when discussing a kids movie.

No Actually this is.

middle finger N for Nerds

(this is for the little bastard sitting behind me kicking my seat for the whole movie)


The Lego Batman movie was a fun and entertaining story for all ages; it had the same great animation as the original Lego Movie, some genuinely touching moments and a few kickass songs (and one super irritating song that your kids will be singing for weeks). I recommend seeing this movie ASAP, the best DC movie out in ages! (Well, it’s better than suicide squad anyway).


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