The Strain: Season 3

The  Strain started as a filler show while I waited on more episodes of Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead, but it bloomed to be more exciting than both of those shows. For the unaware, this is a zombie show but with a Blade 2 twist. We have The Vampire Master with his Nazi co-horts in one corner, and a Holocaust survivor and his band of New Yorkers looking to kick ass and cure the virus in the oth...[Read More]

The Exorcist (TV series)

The  Exorcist TV series is technically more of a sequel to the classic movie rather than a reboot or reimagining and continues the trend of movies being turned into TV shows, 12 Monkeys, Fargo, Hannibal, Bates Motel, Damien (The Omen) and Limitless to name a few. While a lot of these shows turn out well it can be a hit or miss move, as shown by Bad Teacher and School of Rock both having had terrib...[Read More]


Yep, it’s another sci-fi robotics show. A classic genre that I’m always fond of and hopefully isn’t in danger of over-saturation yet even with the second season of Humans coming in the near future (Season one of which I’ve already reviewed). Westworld is a western show with a sci-fi twist. But it’s not set in space, this time it’s a theme park for the ludicrousl...[Read More]

Batman: Rebirth

Gotham Girl is a new hero in Gotham city, who possesses super strength, flight and super vision and sees Batman as her inspiration. Now, while Batman has taken on the role of mentor before, (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake), in this instance it’s not Batman that reaches Gotham Girl, it’s Bruce Wayne. The issue starts with Gotham Girl, alone talking to her deceased brother which makes her co...[Read More]