Partisans 1941

Fighting on the eastern front, or more specifically Russia, is a group of resistance fighters that are clad in the typical brown overcoats you would expect from the stereotypical freedom fighters. From within Russia’s version of Sherwood Forest, we plan our raids against Nazi bases, and generally try to piss off the big man with the toothbrush moustache as much as possible. We are the brave souls ...[Read More]

8-Bit Armies

Ah the humble RTS, how I’ve missed you. It seems like only yesterday I was whiling away my Saturday nights trying to get past that God damn chopper mission from the first C&C or pouring days at a time into Red Alert 3, good times. But with EA determined to empty their bowels all over the Command & Conquer franchise it seemed that my RTS thirst was to go unquenched, that was until 8-Bit Arm...[Read More]