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Trekz Titanium
Trekz Titanium N For Nerds

In these times of next day delivery and online shopping it can be difficult to know which products are worth buying, but never fear Danny is here, well not here as in with you right now that would be creepy. No, I’m here to help with Tech reviews, in this case Trekz Titanium by Aftershokz

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I am a person who loves gadgets and audio, so much so that I have FOUR pairs of wireless headphones – does anyone really need that many pairs of wireless headphones? Well the answer to that is a firm no! Two can be handy to have, but four is a bit excessive. But how else am I going to tell you lovely people which are the ones that you want to buy, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Hopefully this review will help you make a better decision so that you too don’t end up buying any more than 2 pairs.

The Product

These are truly a different type of headphone, in the way that it doesn’t actually have any contact with the ear, I know that sounds strange but keep reading. They actually use bone conductive technology to pump the music through your cheek bones and straight into your ear drum. When I first saw them I thought they can’t be that good, I like my music loud and full of bass and there’s no way an ear phone that doesn’t have any contact with the ear could possibly provide this. Well I was pleasantly surprised!

trekz headphones N For Nerds(I miss gluten)

Trekz were designed with fitness in mind, so that when you’re out running or cycling (which they are extremely well suited for as the design blocks most wind and there are no vibration noises) you can still hear your surroundings and won’t get knocked down because you were too engrossed in your tunes to hear that car coming. But we are nerds and just because it was designed with fitness in mind it doesn’t mean we can’t use it for other less active purposes.


To look at the Trekz Titanium you would think they are delicate, but they are anything but! These are very sturdy headphones, there’s not much to them which adds to solidness, I wouldn’t be afraid to drop them like some gadgets nowadays! The buttons themselves are the same as the build, simple, minimal, well placed and they do everything that you need, well everything accept this products one flaw – the inability the step backwards through songs.

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They are quite snug on the head, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or leave marks after they are removed. The tight fit and extremely well placed centre of gravity makes you forget you are wearing them after a short period of time, and can be worn for hours (around 6 hours on a full charge). Also because they are wireless and have the advantage of not obstructing your ears, you can pause a song and have a conversation with out even taking them off!


Trekz use Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your devices, and pairs quickly and easily to all Android, IOS and Windows devices. You can listen to your music, podcasts, take calls and watch movies with ease, unlike with some older Bluetooth headphones, which tend to have a bit of a lag which really kills the experience.As for console connectivity I have been searching and searching for ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One and PS4 but unfortunately it seems to be a no go on the Xbox, but there might be some hope on the PS4 if you wanted to use these for gaming. However they are better suited for mobile and PC gaming.

pc gamer N For Nerds

(Everything’s better on PC)


If you wanted to cancel out all the surrounding noise, like on a long flight or journey and you didn’t want or need to hear anything going on around you, then these may not be the best option for you. And of course the triple click function that is on most headphones nowadays oddly is missing.


The sound quality is great and if you are looking a set of headphones that you can wear while exercising, watching movies or playing games but still want to be semi aware of your surroundings, then these are the way to go. They are very durable and can take quite a beating but light enough that you can wear them for hours and not feel it like many other on ear and in ear headphones which makes them ideal for those long gaming sessions. I would highly recommend these headphones if you have the money to spare.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to Wear


  • Not Ideal for console Gaming