5 Of The Best Souls-Borne Bosses

Soulsborne Bosses N for Nerds

I haven’t always been a fan of the Souls-Borne games, in fact the first time I played one (Dark Souls 1) I bounced right off it. Maybe it was the way the game introduced combat, maybe it was the controls or (and I think this is the main reason) it’s because I took a right and ended up in skeletal buggery hell. As it turns out, this area was a late game area and I was supposed to go left, but after reading up on the game and after many, many attempts, I soon became hooked and devoured each instalment, one after the other.  And while each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, they all have one thing in common… they have fantastic boss encounters. So with that said, here are 5 of the best Souls-Borne Bosses.


The Pursuer – Dark Souls 2

A common complaint about “Dark Souls 2” was that many of the bosses were just “dudes in armour” and while that may be true, I’d argue that they each have a play style unique enough to make each encounter feel distinctive. But none more so than “The Pursuer”, he is one of the first bosses you will encounter and he is likely the first “Dark Souls 2” boss that made you scream “THIS IS BULLSHIT!”. Despite his massive size he moves extremely fast and hits incredibly hard, he will push you to your limits and then he’ll push a bit more. But once you stand victorious you never have to worry about him again … right? Wrong, as the name suggests he “Pursues” the player throughout the game and you will be forced to battle him multiple times, making him a constant threat and worthy adversary.The Pursuer N For Nerds

(“Target acquired!”)

Sif The Great Grey Wolf – Dark Souls

This one may be a bit of a contentious entry as “Sif The Great Grey Wolf” is not a particularly difficult opponent to best and her combat style isn’t exactly memorable, but what makes her a truly memorable boss is that we don’t want to kill her. She isn’t some monster that needs killing; she is a guardian, protecting her fallen comrade Artorias’ grave, ensuring that what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else. And as if that wasn’t bad enough if you played the DLC Artorias of the Abyss beforehand, Sif remembers you and lets out a sad howl before the fight. And unlike 99% of Souls-borne bosses, there is no feeling of triumph at the end, only the bittersweet realisation that at least she is with her master now.Sif N For nerds



Oceiros The Consumed King – Dark Souls 3

Oceiros The Consumed King is possibly my favourite boss in Dark Souls 3, not because the fight it’s self is particularly difficult or memorable, but because Oceiros is such a fantastic character from a lore perspective. While he appears to be some humanoid/dragon hybrid he was in fact born a man (or man shaped at least). Not only was he a man, he was also the former King of Lothric, who turned to the research of Seath The Scaleless to increase his power. But that power came at a cost, he was transformed in to a twisted monstrosity and driven mad by the power. And if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, he also fights you while cradling his invisible son that he eventual smashes into the dirt in a fit of rage, causing him to become much more dangerous.oceiros N For Nerds

(“Put your pants back on grandpa!”)

Martyr Logarius – Bloodborne

Martyr Logarius is one of my favourite bosses in Bloodborne and was the inspiration behind this blog post. I loved everything about this boss, I loved the lore behind the character, he was a fanatical executioner tasked with the eradication of the “vile bloods”, who martyred himself to ensure that the immortal queen could never be free. Even the trip from the lantern to the actual boss was fantastic, you are forced to scale rooftops and jump from wall to wall just to reach him, as there was no real path. It alludes to the lengths that Logarius went to make certain no one could reach “The Undying Queen of Cainhurst”. And even if someone did manage to reach him, then they would have to endure one of the more challenging boss battles in the game.Martyr Logarius N For Nerds

(“Get of my lawn!”)

Father Gascoigne – Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne is another personal favourite of mine for many reasons, but I would like to use the words of another as they perfectly encapsulate why Gascoigne is such a fantastic boss.

“I really enjoy Father Gascoigne. While he’s the second boss, it’s really him that sets the bar for what kind of game Bloodborne will be. He’s another hunter, who has the same toolset as you, but is absolutely relentless in his aggression. He teaches you how to play the game by forcing you to adopt his tactics. And while he is clearly an experienced and skilled hunter, he ends up transforming into the very thing he has been hunting. A prophetic glimpse at the player characters possible future.

And while he’s an incredibly fun, fast-paced, all be it, occasionally frustrating enemy to fight, he is a tragic figure too. You get the feeling he could have been a protagonist, but you arrive at the epilogue of his story and he becomes a footnote in yours. For story and gameplay, it’s hard to find a better combination. “ – Declan Sands

I think that says it all.



Well, those are our thoughts on some of the best Souls-Borne Bosses, do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below. Also don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you’re feeling generous feel free to donate to our Patreon, thanks for reading.

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