Cate Archer Vs. Gordon Freeman – Who Would Win?

Gordon Vs Cate N For Nerds

Gordon_Freeman N For Nerds


Gordon Freeman

Age: 27 (Biologically)

Eyes: Green

Profession: Theoretical physicist at Black Mesa



Cate N For Nerds


Catherine “Cate” Anne Archer

Age: 21

Eyes: Green

International super spy at UNITY



At first glance, these characters couldn’t be further apart in terms of skill but looking deep reveals some striking similarities. Both are extremely intelligent and have undergone extensive military training, while not much is known about Freeman’s youth before Black Mesa, Archer spent her teens as a pickpocket/Cat burglar known as “The Fox” which gained her a reputation and the attention of UNITY who would go on to recruit her after a tip led her to steal the watch of the man who would become her handler in the organisation.Cate N For NerdsAll that is known about Freeman is he studied at M.I.T and was given a position at Black Mesa from an unknown sponsor, given certain interests outside of normal time and space, its assumed that his life to this point was manipulated in such a way that he could become “the right man in the wrong place”, guiding him to the test chamber and ultimately having a hand in the resonance cascade that led to Earth being overrun by Xen and subsequently Combine.Combine N For Nerds

(Yeah, these jerks!)

Professionally, they have both had an abundance of military training, quite why Freeman, a theoretical physicist requires training in the use of grenades errs on the side of suspicion, Archer on the other hand gets to test out a fair few weapons and gadgets such as lipstick grenades, a lockpick barrette and a body dissolving substance, Gordon, the psychopath that he is comes fully equipped with a big red crowbar that no army, alien or scientist can survive.Gordon Freeman N For NerdsPersonality, Freeman has none, he is mute but respected, he has no family and no dependents but has a photo of a baby in his locker for some reason, perhaps someone is telling porkies methinks. The whole not talking means we can’t accurately judge his as a person whereas Cate talks a lot, being the late 60s/early 70s, sexism is at its height, and she is firmly in the world of men, who get very upset at the idea that a mere “little girl” can do something that the male force cannot, she takes it well and claps back with some amazing one lines, she is where she needs to be and is the best thing for the agency and definitely should be there.Cate Diving suit N For Nerds

(“You’re “Fin” trouble now!”)


If they were to somehow end up in a fight together, Freeman would 100% be on the losing side, crowbar and training aside his skills would be useless, Archer would use her seduction, intelligence and gadgets to either win him over or destroy him and dissolve him for good measure though I doubt his suit would take much damage. All in all, Cate Archer would definitely win the fight; she has her own theme song already, so they could play over the final festivities.Cate 2 N For Nerds

(“Damn Right!”)



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