William O'Hagan

A bearded nerd with a penchant for pizza. Loves all kinds of games, books and movies, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Enjoys watching and indeed participating in all kinds of sport. Couldn't kick a football, but could probably hit it with a dart!




The Sixth Sense was an immense film. When I first saw it I was just a youngster, and it proceeded to scare the piss out of me, but when I revisited it as a much older and wiser adult, I realised it was an excellent psychological thriller. Due to his initial breakout success with The Sixth Sense, I continue to give M Night Shyamalan the benefit of the doubt, but let’s be honest here, he hasn’t made...[Read More]



Titanfall 2

As a veteran of the original, I spent numerous hours jumping into my Titan and turning my enemies into a paste, and I had a lot of fun while doing so. I was a huge fan of that game, and a result I was terrified for this sequel. I didn’t see how it could even match the first never mind exceed it. How did it do? Let’s have a look. Campaign/Gameplay After your customary training exercise to determine...[Read More]




For  some reason, I have always been attracted to movies that depict some sort of impending doom on the human race. Dystopian society? Check. Zombies? Check. Alien invasions? Check. Based on my viewing of a thankfully unrevealing trailer, Arrival fell into the latter category and that was enough for me to make a trip to the movies. For the first 60 minutes or so of this film, it appears that this ...[Read More]




If you are a gamer that requires a solid single player campaign, look away now! If you are a gamer that requires any sort of single player campaign, also look away now! You don’t get a single player story. What you do get however is one of the most immersive, online gameplay experiences available today. There are three game modes in Overwatch; Quick Play, Competitive and Brawl. If you want t...[Read More]