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5 Most Awesome Video Game Movies

Let’s not beat around the bush, most video game movies suck. It doesn’t stop the nerd inside of me getting excited when one is announced, but most of the time it ends in disappointment and a sudden urge to sock Uwe Boll straight in the face. We’re talking direct adaptions of video games here (Wreck It Ralph doesn’t count), and thankfully there are quite a few that aren’t terrible. Let’s have a loo...[Read More]

5 Most Shocking Moments in Video Game History

5 Most Shocking Moments in Video Game History Video games have the ability to move us, they can make us cry, make us angry (fuck you parappa the rapper) and the can shock us with plot twists. Here are five of the most shocking moments in video games. Major spoilers (obviously)   5: Resident Evil Resident Evil is a classic. It was absolutely terrifying to play as a youngster and was well ahead of i...[Read More]




The Sixth Sense was an immense film. When I first saw it I was just a youngster, and it proceeded to scare the piss out of me, but when I revisited it as a much older and wiser adult, I realised it was an excellent psychological thriller. Due to his initial breakout success with The Sixth Sense, I continue to give M Night Shyamalan the benefit of the doubt, but let’s be honest here, he hasn’t made...[Read More]



Titanfall 2

As a veteran of the original, I spent numerous hours jumping into my Titan and turning my enemies into a paste, and I had a lot of fun while doing so. I was a huge fan of that game, and a result I was terrified for this sequel. I didn’t see how it could even match the first never mind exceed it. How did it do? Let’s have a look. Campaign/Gameplay After your customary training exercise to determine...[Read More]




For  some reason, I have always been attracted to movies that depict some sort of impending doom on the human race. Dystopian society? Check. Zombies? Check. Alien invasions? Check. Based on my viewing of a thankfully unrevealing trailer, Arrival fell into the latter category and that was enough for me to make a trip to the movies. For the first 60 minutes or so of this film, it appears that this ...[Read More]




If you are a gamer that requires a solid single player campaign, look away now! If you are a gamer that requires any sort of single player campaign, also look away now! You don’t get a single player story. What you do get however is one of the most immersive, online gameplay experiences available today. There are three game modes in Overwatch; Quick Play, Competitive and Brawl. If you want t...[Read More]